The best thing that can happen to your event is the right audience

A great presentation needs an even greater audience We find the right audience for your company's events to keep you from worrying about people and focus on presentation.

Business Case Study

Mukherjee and Company Inc. run a business of manufacturing commercial fishing nets. Their latest technology comprises of a range of fishing nets designed for commercial deep sea water fishing and exploration. With 3 years of Research & Development the engineers were able to create nets fine enough to catch the smallest fish and strong enough to sustain the rough ocean terrain.

Mukherjee and Company Inc. are planning a launch event where prospective buyers will know the benefits of the new technology. They have the right technology, inspiring presentation and a huge hall. One thing that will determine if this event is successful or dud is how many prospective buyers will participate in this event.

To the rescue, VorSales with its combination of Contact Discovery Platform and Active People Reach-out clubbed into one service - Event Audience Management. We find the genuine contact from prospective companies and get them to attend your events so that the right set of people make it a success. Our team invests time to explore your business needs and its prospective clients. With our commitment to understand your business domain thoroughly and our Event Audience Management have forged a bonding to make all your business events a success.

Choosing a right partner to find audience is limited to in-house contacts or word of mouth marketing. But you need not worry any more as our targeted marketing will make sure your events are always fully occupied.

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